Tip: increasing the text size on log notes

by Joel Kristenson27. July 2023 11:47

If you ever need to increase the text size when reading a log note, you can do this by holding down the CTRL button on your keyboard, and using the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in.  The images below show an example.


Trail Blazer IQ Dashboards

by Joel Kristenson11. July 2023 08:48

Check out some of the new dashboard widgets by logging into your Trail Blazer IQ workspace.

To launch Trail Blazer IQ from within the desktop CRM you will go to Voters / Donors > File > Reporting> Launch Trail Blazer IQ (Mapping).


Mobile Canvassing

by Joel Kristenson5. July 2023 09:29

Have you used our canvassing app for door-knocking?  If not, learn how Mobile Base Camp can save your volunteers time when canvassing neighborhoods: https://www.trailblz.com/Political-Campaign-Software/Mobile-Base-Camp

Download links: https://www.trailblz.com/Download


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