Version 7 is Being Retired

by Joel Kristenson19. April 2022 07:43

Important: this is a friendly reminder that if you haven't yet upgraded from version 7 to version 8, you'll want to do so soonVersion 7 will be retired on 4/30/22.

To see what version you are on, look in the very upper-left of the desktop application.  If it starts with a 7, you'll want to go through the steps in this video:

Note: if the link above doesn't work when you click on it, you can copy and paste it into a browser.

Please contact our support team if you need assistance.


Orientation Training (Free)

by Joel Kristenson18. April 2022 08:13

Take advantage of our free orientation training in order to get new users up to speed on how to:

- Navigate the application
- Add new contact records
- Enter contributions
- Create and save custom searches and reports (formats)
- Create and save thank you letter templates


Office Closure for Good Friday

by Joel Kristenson14. April 2022 12:32

Our office will be closed tomorrow afternoon (4/15) for Good Friday.


Updated Help Video - Learn How to Write Contribution Thank You Letters

by Joel Kristenson13. April 2022 07:36

Mark has been hard at work updating our help videos on YouTube.  Check out the latest video on how to write contribution thank you letters

Tip: subscribe to our channel to stay up-to-date as new videos are released.


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