Office Closure for July 4th

by Joel Kristenson29. June 2021 08:16

In celebration of Independence Day, our office will be closed next Monday (July 5th).


Adding Attributes (Checkboxes) to your Donation Form

by Joel Kristenson24. June 2021 09:02

Learn how to add checkboxes to your integrated donation form:

This can be useful for asking questions as people donate, such as:
- Do you want to volunteer?
- How did you hear about us?
- What programs are you interested in?

Here's an example form that demonstrates how this works:


Pro Tip: Cleaning Up Your Attribute Tree

by Joel Kristenson10. June 2021 11:49

Today's pro tip: getting your attribute tree in order.

Attributes are a foundational piece of the Trail Blazer CRM.  It's pretty easy that if they go unchecked for a long time, or there is staff turnover, that they can become unwieldy and less useful.  We suggest that your team gets together to review which attributes are being used, which can be removed or merged, and which news ones may need to be added.  This will make your workflow much smoother and affective when categorizing your constituent records.

How to Create Attribute Folders and Attribute Items (article):
Adding New Attributes (video):
How to Merge Attributes (article):
Deleting Attributes (video):


Upcoming Changes: Desktop Release and Trail Blazer IQ Update

by Joel Kristenson1. June 2021 09:55

We hope that everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend.  Now that we are back at our desks, here are some updates to be aware of that are on the near horizon:

  • A new version of the desktop application is on it's way!  Our developers have been hard at work over the last 12 months, and this new version will have many bug fixes and feature improvements.  Note: updating to this version will require that the current version of Trail Blazer be removed from your computer(s) and then you will need to install the new release.  We will send out a mass email notification when it's time to do this, and our support team will be ready to assist your users if need be.  Moving forward, you shouldn't need to go through these steps with future releases of our desktop application.

  • The next iteration of our web app (Trail Blazer IQ) is also getting close for release.  This version of Trail Blazer is still in its infancy, but our team is hard at work developing new features for this piece of our ecosystem.  One of the primary features in the next release will be an integration with DonorSearch.  This will allow you to perform wealth screening on donors and prospects.  This integration requires a subscription with DonorSearch (our pricing options are listed on our Additional Services page:



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