Building & Saving Formats

by Joel Kristenson25. January 2021 12:19

Learning how to built and save Formats in your database is a critical tool for reporting purposes. This article walks through the steps:


New Help Video: Set Date Range for Mail Merge Fields

by Joel Kristenson19. January 2021 08:15

Learn how to set the "date range" for merge fields


Updating Your Default Cycle / Calendar Year

by Joel Kristenson8. January 2021 15:25

It's that time of the year again where many organizations need to update the default cycle / calendar year in their database.  Here's how:


Kicking Off The New Year

by Joel Kristenson4. January 2021 14:24

Happy 2021!  You'll soon be receiving an email from us with a checklist of items that you may want to dig into for the coming year.  Here is the list if you would like to get a head start.

- all users have attended the free into training (register here)
- everyone has access to Trail Blazer on all devices (Mac, PC, tablets, and smart phones) (download center)
- integrate the Trail Blazer donation form directly with your website
- build an email template and send a mass email
- build a custom dashboard
- sell tickets and products with the event system
- schedule follow up training in any topic (free!)


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