Importing was fixed today

by Mark Panger22. April 2014 14:00

If you were having a problem with your import stalling, it was due to Tom installing an anti-import switch in yesterday's code.  Tom figured if no one could import then he could take a few days off and maybe enjoy some sun he hasn't seen since last Halloween.  We gave him a sun lamp and had him turn off the anti-import switch.  

You can import now.


"Undo" fixed and tweak to the Call Book Report

by Mark Panger21. April 2014 14:01

As we have been tightening security on the system, that has necessitated some changes to how some things work.  One of those was the roll back feature where you could "undo" a recent activity. However, increased security caused that to break for our customers.  That has been fixed now.

The call book report now has an option to print log notes in reverse date order.


Trail Blazer does not use OpenSSL and is NOT vulnerable.

by Mark Panger10. April 2014 07:59

Do you get your news via TV, radio, or straight off the internet?  Hard to miss the conversation around the OpenSSL vulnerability.  The website  offers a way for you to determine if the sites you visit are vulnerable.  They gave us a clean bill of health.  We have two domains in use; and  Here are the results:





Java Got You Down?

by Mark Panger3. April 2014 09:24

Our FEC customers running on a 64 bit machine will sometimes get a message when attempting to run an FEC report that they need to install Java.  I usually hear them say "but I already have Java installed!"

True. You do.  But the default Java installation is a 32 version.  Unless you have a pretty old machine, you are likely on a 64 bit machine that needs a 64 bit Java to run the FEC reports.

It's FREE and easy to install.

Click here:

Click the link shown below:



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