What To Be Looking For in Today's Release

 Partnership was added to the Payment Methods drop down in the Contributions list:





 A feature was added so that from the Household list one can set en masse attributes for all members of the household for all included households in the list.




Audit Count


You can add to the format 3 new columns.  Audit Count, Audit First Date and Audit Last Date.  The Audit Count column is linkable.  You will be able to see the Trail Blazer audit trail for how frequently that record has been updated.  

These columns have been added to the following tables:


In the picture below, if I click on the 10 in the Audit Count column for Vickie Hull, I will see the following:




This will give me the edit history for this particular person.









FEC updates today

We had to make some changes for PAC's the file both federally and non-federally.

Also our non-monetary expenditures were not being given a unique transaction ID.  That's corrected.