Images have moved to the Gallery tab

by Mark Panger25. July 2013 18:06

Have you been storing images on your voter/donor records?


To prepare for some future enhancements, the images have been moved to the Gallery tab:


Stay tuned for more.

If you would like to experiment in this area, be aware that a images and documents placed into the System Gallery...

...are available to other parts of the program including Events, other Voter/Donor records, and soon emails.



Are you a nonprofit with a LOT of Allocation Funds?

by Mark Panger17. July 2013 17:21

Would you like to de-active some of them so they won't show up in your dropdown lists?

With our release today you can do that.







Deleting Saved Queries (Favorites)

by Mark Panger16. July 2013 16:20

Have you ever wanted or tried to delete a saved query from Trail Blazer?  It's ah.... quirky.  But I've got a video that will show you how to do it!



Reminders Added to Call Book Report

by Mark Panger1. July 2013 17:38

The Call Book Report will now printed INCOMPLETE reminders in the log notes area of the report.

To run the Call Book Report:


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