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Query and Report for Monthly Recurring Donations - Nonprofit Only
Search Query - New Donors This Month, and This Year (Primarily for Nonprofits)
Deceased, Do Not Contact, Etc. - How to Use the NOT Attribute and Query for Records Tagged with It
How to Create a Donor LYBUNT Search Query (Donors Who Gave Last Year But Unfortunately Not This Year) and How to Save and Load it as a Search Favorite
SQL Wildcards
Building a Search Query for 'First Time Donors' THIS Year - Save and Load it as a Favorite & Add it to your Dashboard
How to Delete or Rename a Saved Search Favorite (Query)
Save and Load a Search Query as a (Dynamic) Search Favorite
Advanced Queries - the SQL Tab
What Donors Have Increased Giving Over Last Year?
Query Search Panel Changes in Version 6
How do I find a record where I am unsure of the spelling?

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