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Donor address information
Store home, mailing, work and prior addresses. 

(You may have noted that you can store multiple photos too if you like!)
Donor contact information
Store multiple telephone numbers.  Each number can hold an extension and/or comment.  Track up to two email addresses and a web site for each person.
Assign donors to various categories
You may assign an UNLIMITED set of attributes to each person in your database.  In this example this person is marked as being a Gallery Director, on the Board of the Foundation and as a Trustee during fiscal year 2005. There is NO limit to the attributes you can assign an individual.  This is your means for categorizing your donors into like groups.
Manage relationships between people
Establishing relationships between people and businesses is a snap.  When you add a relationship to one donor, the reciprocal (wife/husband) relationship is automatically added to the other donor.
Track all contributions
A quick glance will give you a person's entire giving history.
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Track pledges
Track single pledges or multiple payment pledges.  A rapid data entry screen makes fulfilling a pledge FAST!
Track all your communications with your donors
Log notes keep you in the know about past conversations your team has had with this donor.  Add reminders to the notes to let you know when you need to follow-up with this donor next.
Fill-in-the-blank queries make for the easiest and most powerful query engine available today. 

There is nothing is easier than this that can deliver the results you need.
Quick thank you letters
Mail merge type thank you letters are FAST and easy to generate.  You may include any graphics you wish.  This letter shows the how the letter looks BEFORE it is merged with your list of donors to be thanked.
This letter shows what the merged letter will look like.  Each letter is personalized.
Send mass emails
Want to keep your donors informed via email?  With our mass email campaign component you can stay in touch with the push of a button with all your donors.
Track email opens
To know if your emails are being read, you can track the open rates.  You can also track if the reader clicked on any links within the email.  This can provide valuable information about how to tailor your future emails.
Add reminders to let you know when you need to take a follow-up action.  Items in red are past due!
Clicking a reminder item opens the donor record and displays the full reminder note.  You can assign reminder tasks to other members of your team.
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