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Created: September 18, 2015
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How to Setup your PayPal Payments Pro API Configuration to Work with Trail Blazer by Generating a Username, Password, and Signature

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Author: Joel Kristenson

Last Updated: 2015-09-17


This article is for customers who've decided to go with PayPal Payments Pro as the merchant gateway option to use with Trail Blazer for processing money (contributions, and event ticket/product sales).

It walks through the steps on how to generate your PayPal Payments Pro API Username, Password, and Signature, and from there how to plug that information into your database.

Many of the steps this article references comes from PayPal’s help resources in regards to the generation of the API credentials.  The related resources at the bottom contain other relevant topics regarding the processing of money. Call or email PayPal Payments Pro Live Support if you have any trouble going through the steps related to your PayPal Payments Pro account ( or 1-888-818-3922.

Steps to Request the API Credentials

IMPORTANT! You’ll need appropriate security clearance to complete this task, if you don’t currently have it, one of your database administrators will need to provide it.

First, you’ll need to apply for your PayPal Payments Pro account to get it setup, and activated (this will likely require that you provide a variety of personal and banking information to accomplish these steps).

Apply by Phone:

Apply Online:

---Taken directly from the PayPal Developer help article---

1. Log in to

You must have a PayPal Business account.  The url to log in is located at

2. Navigate to the API Access page

Click the profile (person) icon in the top right and select Profile and Settings from the drop-down menu.  Then navigate to My Selling Tools > API Access and click Update.

NOTE:  if you do not see the profile (person) icon in the top right, navigate to the API Access page by clicking My Account > Profile > My Selling Tools > API Access

3. Generate the Certificate Set

1. Click Request API Credentials on the API Access page:

Note: If you’ve already generated a set of API credentials, you’ll have to delete your existing set before you can generate a new set of credentials.

2. Select Request API signature and click Agree and Submit to generate a set of Signature credentials.

Here’s an example showing a set of Signature credentials (for Certificate credentials, see the section below):

Steps to Add the Credentials to your Trail Blazer Database

Log into Trail Blazer and navigate to the Payment Gateway screen by following Application Menu > System Manger > Settings > Payment Gateway.

Select PayPal Payments Pro as the merchant option, input your API credentials into the corresponding fields in the upper-right, and then click [save-and-close].

Once that’s complete, navigate to the Website Configuration screen, and click the blue hyperlink in the upper-right to refresh your web settings.

You’re now finished with the steps.  Next you’ll want to integrate your donation form with your website, and process a test donation.  The related resources below link to relevant articles, videos, and a few 3rd party resources. Your Trail Blazer Web Services Application Menu is located at and should be a site that you bookmark because it’s how you can quickly view/link your events, donation form, etc.

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3rd Party Resource: PayPal Developers Site – How to Generate API Credentials (PayPal Payments Pro)

3rd Party Resource: PayPal’s Help Article on API Configurations

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3rd Party Website: PayPal Payments Pro Home Page

Trail Blazer Live Support  Phone:  1-866-909-8700   Email:



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