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Created: September 05, 2014
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Log Notes vs User Fields vs Attributes


Attributes, User Fields, and Log Notes… Oh My!


Where Your Data May Fit In Trail Blazer


You are tasked with doing your own import(s) or setting up new data entry information.  However, you are trying to figure out where to put the data – into attributes; user fields; or log notes.  This article presents those Trail Blazer data types.


Examples of data that fits well into each category

Log Note

User Field


“I talked with Greg today regarding a large donation. He's willing, but was just boarding a plane.  He asked that I call next week to follow-up.”

? Twitter handles

? Facebook usernames

? Graduation Years

? Elected official

? Volunteer

? Precinct Captain

? Board Member

User fields usually have a text value.  In the case of a Twitter handle the text of @TrailBlazerSoft would be entered.

Where a checkbox will suffice.  If a person is a Volunteer, there would be a checkbox next to the attribute named Volunteer.

There are cases where the data will fit in ANY of the choices above.  In this case, it comes down to your choice.  Attributes are now able to handle dates and notes. So it is possible to have unlimited user fields.


Log Notes


Just as the name implies, this is where notes go.  What is a log note though?  In Trail Blazer, a log note is associated with a Voter/Donor/Contact (referred to as Contact in the remainder of this article).  Log notes have the following characteristics:

  • Can contain anywhere from 1 word to a multitude of words.  If you need to write a short essay on a contact, this is where the essay goes.
  • Log notes can be searched both in the contact search window and in a dedicated search window called Search Log Entries.  Find it under the Contact ? Logs path in the Application Menu.