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Create Maps and Mobile Canvassing Walklists

Trail Blazer's political campaign software has integrated the power of Microsoft MapPoint* directly into your campaign! If it's keeping track of lawn signs, creating a walklist or just getting directions, you'll need our free mobile canvassing app.  

PinPoint Canvassing Tools Save Time

Now you can simply pull up your voters on the map using MapPoint, outline the area that you want to canvass and generate your walklist.  This is great for drawing exact walklists assignments when your area has impediments such as lakes, parks, dead ends, freeways etc.  that normally make canvassing difficult.  With us, it's a breeze.

Maximum Productivity for Directions and Lawn Signs

Automate lawn sign mapping and driving directions so you and your volunteers can quickly identify the installation locations then print the map or export to a supported handheld mobile device.

Visualize Your Canvassing in Advance

Visualize locations so you and your volunteers can quickly identify the person you're looking up. Now, before you knock on the door, you'll be able to see the history of previous canvassing efforts and what voter preferences may have been recorded.

Mobile Poll Watching  - NEW at Trail Blazer!

Now, your poll watchers can log whether or not a voter has voted on their smartphone. Data is uploaded in real time. This keeps your GOTV calls on track and targeting those who have not voted yet.

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*MapPoint software and license is required. MapPoint software and license are sold separately.
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