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Voter Targeting, Mobile Canvassing, Fundraising, FEC Compliance Reporting & More

Advanced Voter File Segmentation

Yes, most political campaign management software tools can slice and dice the data, but it’s “how” you slice it that counts. That’s where our campaign software sets itself apart. We give you precise control to target specific voters allowing you to drill down in ways you’ve never imagined. Having the right tools will make your GOTV efforts, voter ID work and canvassing better than ever.

Access from Your Phone

Easy access to your database using our Mobile BaseCamp appClick here to watch a short highlight video.  Update and add new records, add log notes, see donations, set attributes, make calls, get driving directions, and more. Click here to get the app for your iPhone or click here for our Android app.

Voter Data Available

Voter data is available in the following states:  AK, AR, CO, DC, FL, ID, MI, MN, MO, NC, NY, NJ, OH, OK, RI, VT, WA.  This data originates from the State Board of Election or Secretary of State's office.  Due to the nature of the data, we provide the data As Is, no warranty. Most campaigns choose to clean it prior to use.  Additional data clean-up work can be performed by your team or you may ask for a quote from Trail Blazer's data team.

Data refresh is at Trail Blazer's discretion. If your campaign is in Louisiana, we will quote you a price for that data. Click here for pricing on any subsequent refreshes that Trail Blazer performs on your database.

Fundraising & Online Contributions

Raise the money you need to win your campaign. Our political campaign fundraising software toolbox includes our FREE mobile-responsive website forms for donations, event sign-ups, volunteer sign-ups – giving you the power to harvest the data you’ll need for future use.

Use Your Mobile Card Reader to Gather Donations

Mobile giving with your smartphone is now available from Vanco Services. Gathering financial support door-to-door or at an event is easier than ever.  Read more about it...

Vanco Card Swipe iPhone iPad

Create & File FEC Compliance Reports Quickly

Reduce time preparing time-consuming FEC reports. In a few clicks, all your information is automatically filled in. Schedules are automatically compiled and ready to attach to disclosure reports. Upload your report directly to the FEC online reports. Meets federal and state requirements. We provide state compliance reporting in a few select states as well.

Works on a Mac or a PC

Enjoy the flexibility of accessing your data from a Mac (this includes your iPad) or a traditional PC.  Plus, access your data from your phone or tablet using our mobile app.

PCI Compliant

Trail Blazer meets the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards and we are committed to safeguarding your data.

Mobile Poll Watching  - NEW at Trail Blazer!

Now, your poll watchers can log whether or not a voter has voted on their smartphone. Data is uploaded in real time. This keeps your GOTV calls on track and targeting those who have not voted yet.

Mobile Base Camp - Canvassing & More

Access your voter database from your mobile device (i.e.  iPad, Android, iPhone & tablet).  Canvass neighborhoods, pull up contact information, view and add log notes, see contributions, add new records, get driving directions.  Plus, make calls to voters and donors.  It's ideal for field work.  No more paper walklists and your canvassing data can be used real time by others in the campaign.  Best of all, you can collect valuable voter ID data while you walk the neighborhood.

Access from Your Phone

To get easy access to your database using our Mobile BaseCamp app, just click here if you have an iPhone or click here for our Android app. 

Canvasssing Was Easy

"I spent the weekend learning about canvassing lists and mobile canvassing. I set up our whole committee and then I went out mobile canvassing. It was easy to use and set up. The best part was that I learned everything from the YouTube videos and the Knowledge Base article. This is the first time I used the mobile canvassing features and I was very pleased to be able to figure it out using just the videos and the article. Thanks."

Debbie Agliano, Treasurer, Hanover County Republican Committee (VA)


Unlimited Mass Email Built In

Save even more money when you’re sending email. Enjoy unlimited mass emails at no additional cost.  Avoid the cookie cutter look of eMarketing services like Constant Contact, etc. for your political campaign.

Shared Calendars & Reminders

Manage multiple schedules at once. Keep everyone informed of the candidate’s schedule, plan upcoming events, and assign tasks to committee members. Reminders make sure that no one drops the ball.

Easily Manage Your Campaign's Checking Account

Add and edit accounts easily. Reconciling is as easy as marking an "X". Automatically account for banking fees. Sort and print transactions by payee or company name. Track disbursements and deposits effortlessly. Security options ensure confidentiality and integrity of data. Write and print checks directly from the system. Seamlessly transfer funds between accounts and committees. Track expenses easily.

Custom Expense Reports

Create customized expense reports with the click of a mouse. Gain access to information instantly on where you stand financially at all times. Track expenditures by payee, invoice or expense category. Plus, track expenses, receipts, transfers and loans.

Absolutely the most powerful, flexible, and robust search engine's the next generation of campaign management software.

Text to Give -- Accept Donations by Text

Give by text offers donors a quick and easy way to get donations in the door. Unlike other give-by-text services, donors can send any amount, not just a set dollar amount, and money is deposited into your organization's bank account. Give by text is an optional feature from Vanco Services. Donors simply enter their cell phone number, payment method and a 4-digit PIN. After the initial one-time setup, donors receive both an email and text message containing instructions for sending donations by text.

Collect Donations on Your Facebook Page

Raise money from those who visit your Facebook page. Visitors can fill out the donation form and and it will be directly linked to your Trail Blazer database.


Determining your grassroots support requires that you understand voter sentiments in a fast-paced political world.  Enjoy Trail Blazer’s political software polling tools that allow you to quickly develop scripts, make calls and compile the polling data all in real time.

Trail Blazer Campaign Services is a Member of the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC)


"The Trail Blazer software, mobile app, and support team have been a tremendous help to our candidates here in Stark County, Ohio and helped us to organize our database with great ease. You have no idea what it was like coming into an office and searching through the last 15 years of spreadsheets to find a donor name or an event list. I’m glad I pushed our Chairman and Vice Chairman to purchase this and make our office 1,000x more efficient."

Jason Wise
Excecutive Director for the Stark County Republican Party
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