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Software for Political Campaigns, PACs and Nonprofit Fundraising and Donor Management

Trail Blazer® Political Campaign Manager

Enjoy our easy-to-use political campaign software and take advantage of the most powerful campaign management tools in the industry. Trail Blazer is the next generation of campaign software. Don't settle for less. Winning your next election is what we're all about.

Smarter Campaign Software

Our campaign software smartly manages your voter files, allows you to target specific voting blocks,  tracks your online donations, simplifies canvassing using mobile apps, sends and tracks all of your mass email, and makes campaign finance reporting a snap....just to name a few.

Leverage Your Fundraising Efforts

Leverage the power of our campaign software to build your coalition and deliver the fundraising dollars you need to ramp up your campaign. In one single platform, you'll be able to manage your entire political campaign. No need for five different programs. We've got every campaign tool built right in. Best of all, we're affordable for local, state and federal campaigns.

Easily Manage Your Voter Data

In addition, we've designed our campaign management software so you can drill down without a long learning curve. We know your time is valuable, so we've made our campaign software do all the heavy lifting.

Campaign Software You Wouldn't Want Your Opponent to Have

Take a test drive today (before your opponent does). Click below to sign up for a quick demo. See how Trail Blazer's campaign software can put your candidate in the win column.

 To see a short video, do a live demo, or read more about our political campaign software features, click here...

Trail Blazer® Nonprofit Manager

Unleash the power of our nonprofit fundraising software to grow your donor base and cultivate your relationships.

One Platform for All Your Donor Management Needs

Not only is our donor management software simple to learn, but we've put everything on one integrated platform, so you never have to leave the program to perform a task. Whether it's assigning tasks to others, sending thank you letters, sharing calendar items, or planning fundraising events, we've thought of everything.  Think of it as "one program that does it all."

Harvest Website Activity Without Lifting a Finger

Even better, all your website activity is harvested automatically.  This means online donations, event registrations, volunteer signups and enewsletter signups are imported directly into Trail Blazer's donor software package without lifting a finger. 

Track Every Donor Touch

Better yet, eblasts are free.  Track your email opens and your embedded links.  View histories of every single donor touch whether by mail, email, phone, or in person. 

To read more about Trail Blazer's nonprofit fundraising software, click here...

Trail Blazer® PAC Manager

Leverage the power of our PAC management software and make your job as treasurer easier than ever.  Gone are the typical headaches associated with FEC reporting for your political action committee (PAC) or political party unit.

Time-Saving FEC Reporting

Our FEC compliance software walks you through a simple 4-Step Process to create, print, and file your FEC reports electronically in minutes, not hours.

Federal and State Reporting

Once you've filed your compliance reports using our FEC software package, you'll wish you had it years ago.  Plus, state compliance reporting is available in a few states as well. Ask for details.

Sophisticated Tools to Take Action

As a bonus, managing your fundraising and online donations will be effortless. Whether you're a PAC or a Super PAC, we've got the tools you need to put the "action" back into your political action committee. From tools to manage your fundraising events, to keeping tabs on your online merchandising, to tracking who's doing what and when. Surpassing your PAC's fundraising goals is what we do best.

In a nutshell, you'll rest easy knowing you've got the right PAC software to organize, leverage, and succeed.

For more PAC management software details, click here...

Trail Blazer Campaign Manager

Trail Blazer Non-Profit Manager

Trail Blazer PAC Manager

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"I have to say Trail Blazer has the best customer service I have experienced in my life. I learned so much from Joel today and you have helped me so much since CR&T signed up. Your all so helpful, patient, efficient and overall so pleasant to work with! Thanks so much for all the help!"
       Emily Ackerman
       Cancer Research & Treatment Fund, New York

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